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Boundary Survey - A survey for the expressed purpose of establishing or re-establishing the corners and boundary lines of a given parcel of land.

ALTA/ACSM Survey - A surveying standard jointly proposed by the American Land Title Association and the American Congress on Surveying and Mapping that incorporates elements of the boundary survey, mortgage survey, and topographic survey. ALTA/ACSM surveys, frequently shortened to ALTA surveys, are often required for commercial real estate transactions.

Topographic Survey - A survey showing the elevations and contours of the land and locating features natural and man-made, such as washes, buildings, quarries, fences, roads, etc.

Aerial Survey Mapping- A geomatics method of collecting information using aerial photographs of survey targets placed on the ground by a surveyor marking survey points.

NAOS - Requirements for providing open space on each land parcel.  Natural Area Open Space areas are either natural desert that has been undisturbed by development activity, or where development has restored the desert terrain and vegetation to its natural condition.  NAOS can be dedicated on individual lots or on common tracts.

Subdivision Plats / Minor Land Division - the requirements vary, depending on the jurisdiction of the property and the requirements of the municipality governing the location of the land.  Generally, land divided into six or more parcels is a subdivision and each municipality has strict regulations that must be followed.  A minor land division allows a land owner to more freely divide property into five or less parcels.  Again, each municipality has its own regulations regarding minor land divisions.


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