The cost of a land survey depends on many things, including the type of survey needed and the method used.  Some variables which affect the cost of a land survey are:

  • Required accuracy and purpose for the survey.
  • Complexity of legal records; the number of deeds that need to be researched are often complicated by vague, incomplete and contradictory legal descriptions. Deeds for abutting properties must be researched and unrecorded deeds and agreements must be resolved.
  • Size and shape; an irregular shape has more corners and a longer boundary than a square containing the same area.
  • Terrain and accessibility; a flat, open field is easier to survey than mountain woodland. Washes, cliffs and dense vegetation complicate the surveying process.
  • Field evidence; the existence of iron pins, corner stones, designated trees and other evidence of boundaries aid the surveyor and their absence compounds difficulties.
  • Title insurance requirements; title insurance companies need considerable documentation and verification of field evidence.
  • Monumentation; the objects utilized to mark the corners and boundaries.
  • Plat requirements; the necessary details to be shown on the survey map including the requirements of Planning Commissions, Title Insurance Companies, Architects, Professional Engineers, etc., affect the time involved to produce the map.

Because of the variables involved, please provide as much information as possible in order to receive an accurate quote for services.  A survey which meets your needs and legal requirements, based on proper deed research, and complete and accurate field and office work, will likely prove to be the least expensive in the end.


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